Monday, November 5, 2018

Welcome to the CCAPS Alumni Notes Blog!

Hello CCAPS Alumni, Faculty, Friends and Supporters,

As you  may know, I have been with the College of Continuing and Professional Studies since January of 2018, and we have been looking for ways to engage and support our alumni in new and different ways than we have in the past. We have decided to try something brand new!

We'd like to highlight and showcase our CCAPS alumni and the awesome things they are doing around the world. Whether you've landed a new job, recently had a baby, published research or wrote a book, want to share something interesting with your fellow CCAPS alumni, or something completely different, we'd love to share it on your behalf!

We also anticipate sharing upcoming alumni events and happenings for CCAPS and the U of M so that you can be sure to keep up on all of the things going on at campus, as well as virtual events.

Got something you want to share on the CCAPS Alumni Notes Blog? Send me a few sentences about what you'd like us to share, a high resolution photo of you or your event, a way for your fellow alumni to connect with you (LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, email, etc.). Email me so we can post it on your behalf - send it to!

You can even subscribe to the postings so you never miss one!

We also have other ways for CCAPS alumni to stay connected with us, and you can learn more about that on our main Alumni webpage.

We are looking forward to growing this community and celebrating and sharing CCAPS alumni successes with others.


Courtney Barrette
Director of Engagement & External Relations

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